Ruler For Measuring Heel 2 Toe Ruler

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Ruler For Measuring Heel 2 Toe Ruler

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A helper in your knitting adventures

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The Heel 2 Toe Sock Ruler is used when knitting or crocheting sock and you wish to know when you need to either start the heel or the toe.

This ruler works when working toe-up, in order to find out if it is time to start the heel. The ruler also works to find out when it is time to start the toe for cuff-down socks as well.

This ruler is made from birch and has inches, centimeters, US Men/Women, ensuring you’ll always get a perfect fit! It also measures needles and hooks from 2mm up to 12mm. No more unknown sizes!

- Material: birch plywood
- Measurement: 37x7 cm
- Dimensions: USA, Europe
- The range also includes a spoke calibrator for Euro and US sizes.

This handy ruler can be used in a few different ways. The length of a foot can be measured by standing on it. It works well to do this against a wall so the part of the heel that sticks out the most is in line with the edge of the sock ruler.

Adult socks typically have 10% negative ease, so depending on how much negative ease you like in your sock you can either use the corresponding shoe size or add in or subtract the percentage of ease you'd like. (Our sock size mini tool has the math for 10% negative ease worked out so they work great together).

Once you're knitting your socks you can use the inch/cm ruler to measure the height of your cuff for either toe up or top down socks. You can stick the ruler into top down socks, with the zero edge up against the heel of the sock, to measure what shoe size or inch/cm measurement you're approaching in your knitting. If you're knitting toe up socks you can hold the sock up against the ruler to measure the shoe size or inch/cm measurement.

Adult socks typically have 10% negative ease and measure approximately 1/2" or 1.3 cm shorter than the foot length and 1" or 2.5 cm smaller than the leg or foot circumference.

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